In 2015 creator, Terrence , noticed he was developing bald spots and bumps on his scalp and other areas of his body. Not knowing what it is or what to do, he went to his doctor where he was diagnosed with alopecia and folliculitis. His doctor told Terrence there was no cure and medication was an option. After taking the medication, Terrence's symptoms did not decrease and began developing side effects including low energy and mood swings. After 3 months, Terrence decided to stop taking the medication and to start actively seeking alternative solutions. Terrence then began to learn about herbs like turmeric and essential oils such as tea tree oil that helps decrease inflammation. After doing some experimenting with home remedies, Terrence noticed a decrease in his alopecia and folliculitis WITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS! T began to learn he was not the only person that struggled with these issues. As a Social Worker and Psychotherapist, Terrence naturally wanted to empower others to put the healing process back into the hands of the individual. In 2017 T Raw Naturals launched and the rest is history.  

As we continue to grow we are always open to feedback and suggestions on how to better serve our customers and the community. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us via email at info@trawnaturals.com 

Thank You